The Admiral is the wallet that started it all. The original Baurdi design that set this company into motion. A classic & timeless bifold design, the Admiral is the standard, and still the go-to wallet in the Baurdi lineup.

Covering all the bases, the Admiral boasts 4 card slots in bifold fashion, with a full length cash slot at just the right height to cover your bills - without anything extra. 

The 4 card slots on the Admiral hold 2 cards each, for a total of 8 cards. The cash slot contains room for up to 10+ full length bills, and could also serve as an area to store other items such as receipts, insurance cards, etc.

The Aspen takes the standard bifold wallet design, and turns the card slots vertically. This cuts down on the overall length of the wallet, while still maintaining a full cash slot.

The cash slot is uniquely located on the outside of the wallet. It does not take up the full height of the wallet, making it easier to access the bills inside, and also adding a unique look to the wallet.

The generous size slots of the Aspen give it one of the highest capacities of our entire lineup. With each bottom card slot holding 3 cards, and the top holding 2, the total capacity of the Aspen comes to 10 cards. The cash slot can hold 10+ full length bills, and also provides storage for items such as receipts and insurance cards.

Here at Baurdi, we've had a few inquiries (more like panic attacks) about what to do when your wallet gets wet. No one wants an accidental trip through the washing machine to turn their prized wallet into a wrinkly hump of hide.

So, we've gone ahead and submerged a Baurdi Apex in water for about an hour, and showed you steps to take to make sure your wallet looks just as good as it did before it's bath.

The biggest factor here is the type of leather your wallet is made of. If you have cheap leather to begin with, the writing may be on the wall before you even begin. A quality full-grain leather is going to be naturally water-resistant because it is made from the outer layer of the hide, where they grain is strong and tight.

What you'll want to do first is to gently remove as much water as you can with a soft towel. Then, let the wallet air-dry naturally in it's closed position. Once it has dried, the wallet will want to return to this position naturally, so its best not to dry it while open.

Avoid using heat or fans. Drying the wallet out too quickly or at too high of a temperature can cause an undesired wrinkling effect within the hide, which is likely irreversible. 

If you find your wallet to be really dry or tough after the fact (detergents in the washing machine can remove some of the hide's natural oils), feel free to apply a small amount of clear leather conditioner to your wallet to restore it's original texture and flexibility.

Got an exciting date coming up soon? Great! While we’re absolutely sure you’re ready to charm her with your personality, we must remind you that what you wear is pretty important too. Not just for the traditional reasons — to seem presentable, and to make a good first impression — but also because you’ll be most comfortable and confident in your best clothes. But we’re not here to suggest that you stick to your Sunday best. It’s 2016! If you haven’t already, you should be switching things up by choosing more unconventional dates, which call for different styles of clothing. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started.

#1 : The Conventional-With-A-Twist

We get it: different, but not too out there. You’ve probably picked the hottest new jazz bar instead of the old candle-lit restaurant. This calls for an outfit that’s sharp and polished, but doesn’t scream “Mad Men”. Ditch the suit — it’s a date, not a business meeting! You don’t want to look too uptight or boring. Instead, pick a smart dinner jacket that you can throw on over a shirt and a pair of chinos. To take it a notch further, swap the shirt for a tee and you’d be flaunting some serious swag.

#2 : The Casual Get-To-Know-You

This is for the more intimate kind of date; one where you’re both trying out each other’s interests, or just hanging out for a good talk. Here, you want to give off a more warm-and-cosy vibe. Go for earthy colours on textured, layered pieces. For instance, you could start with your favourite pair of jeans and a comfortable solid-colored tee. Now layer that with a woolen or cotton cardigan — depending on the weather. If you’re spending the day out, don’t forget a scarf and a pair of sunglasses for that stylish edge.

#3: The Too-Cool-For-School

If you’ve planned to add a bit off fun and spontaneity to your date, this one’s for you. Here’s where you can show her who you really are, by wearing an item of clothing that’s very “you”. This could be your leather jacket or a Beatles t-shirt — whatever works! But wait. Don’t just throw on what you would wear to your buddy Dave’s place. You’ve gotta add just the right amount of quirkiness to an otherwise acceptable outfit. This means that if you’re going for a graphic tee, throw on a jacket to go with. If you’re thinking of a bright color or print, don’t go overboard; just pop would do.

And now, you're all set to have a spot-on first date. A few more tips to keep in mind: make sure you're all groomed: hair, beard, nails, etc and splash on just a little (and we mean little) cologne. Accessories are super important too (trust us, she notices) especially your wallet. Carry an Italian leather wallet to show her you're a man who cares about the details. Have a great night!

When your wallet is your most prized possession, it pays off (literally!) to take utmost care of it. Here at Baurdi, we believe that your wallet deserves attention, right from its design, to production, and ultimately its usage. Now that we’ve got the first two stages covered, it’s up to you to go the extra mile and make sure you treat your beautiful leather wallet well. Why, you ask? A few simple reasons:

  • If maintained well, a full-grain leather wallet can last you decades
  • This means you save hundreds of dollars by being a little careful
  • You’re also helping the environment by minimizing waste
  • You’re giving your handmade Italian leather product the respect it deserves

And don’t worry; it’s way simpler than you think! Check out our easy guide to making sure your wallet ages as gracefully as George Clooney:

Rule #0 : Buy A Wallet Worth Preserving

Before we get started, let’s make sure we’re on track. There’s no question of caring for your wallet if it isn’t top quality to begin with. The lower the quality of the grain, the slimmer are your chances of keeping your wallet in shape. We’d always suggest going for a high quality full-grain Italian leather wallet, preferably vegetable-dyed.

Rule #1: Never Over-Stuff

This is the first, and arguably worst, mistake that most of us make with our wallets. We tend not to overthink what goes in, allowing them to become morbidly obese over time. What you don’t realise is that you’re doing irreparable damage, by stretching out the leather grain. There’s only one way to combat this, and that’s from the get-go. Make sure you only carry items that are absolutely necessary — limit yourself to a few important credit and business cards and a couple of bills.

Don’t make the mistake of lugging around expired coupons and old receipts in the hope that they’ll come to use sometime. Spring clean every two weeks to restock it with only the essentials, and you’re one step closer to having a healthier wallet.

Rule #2: Don’t Sit On ‘Em

We’ve already told you why you need to get your wallet out of your back pocket. Apart from affecting your body and health, sitting on your wallet also causes damage. Think about it: for several hours a day, you’re applying loads of pressure on its surface, causing it much strain. Be nice to your moneyholder and switch to front-pocketing. For more tips on how to make the switch, check out the article!

Rule #3: Always Use The Right Products

Leather is a unique, special material that calls for a different set of care instructions than you’re probably used to. There are three things that could damage your leather wallet : dirt, moisture, or the lack of it. Here’s what you do in each situation:

Cleaning Leather

Since you use it everyday, it’s only natural that your wallet gets dirty from time to time.

Do: Use a damp cloth as soon as you notice dirt or a stain. If it has already set in, use a leather conditioner to ease it out. This will remove only the stain, and not the dye.


Don’t: Use soaps and detergents to clean your leather, as they may affect its composition. Only use products that are designed specifically for leather use.

Drying Leather

Whether you get soaked in the rain or accidently spill some water over your it, here’s how to dry it properly.

Do: Wipe the surface with a clean, dry cloth and allow it to dry at room temperature, making sure that your wallet is in its original shape.

Don’t: Use a dryer, or subject the wallet to extreme temperatures; this creates wrinkles.

Moistening Leather

When you see cracks on the surface of your wallet, it’s a clear sign of dryness. Just like your own skin, your leather needs a bit of moisture to regain its smoothness.

Do: Rub a leather cream or solution designed to provide moisture. Baurdi recommends that you go with an all-natural product that won’t mess up the vegetable dye. Apply a small amount with a lint-free cloth.

Don’t: Allow your wallet to get super dry before doing the above. Make a habit of conditioning your wallet regularly.

Your wallet is an integral part of your daily wardrobe, considering just how many times you whip it out daily. Follow these simple steps to be certain that you’re always carrying the most stylish, well-kept wallet.

It’s not really something you’ve given much thought to; from time immemorial, men like yourself have slipped their wallets into their back pockets, no questions asked. Well, it’s time to change that! Here are few questions you should be asking yourself if you’re a regular offender of the no-hind-pocket rule.

Why Do I Do It?

Let’s back up a little. Why did we chose the back pocket in the first place? The theories are interesting. Some suggest that traditional clothing etiquette allowed only a single hind pocket for men, right below the vest—basically, it gave us no choice. But as fashions evolved and trousers came to be multi-pocketed, men still chose to bypass the front pocket and stick their fully loaded wallets in their rear pockets. The reasons for this usually include comfort, ease of access and style.

Let’s give that a long, hard think, shall we?

Why Shouldn’t I Do It?



While standing up, your back pocket is as good a place as any to store your wallet. The problem crops up when you sit down, which we can safely assume is most of the time. Now, since you’ve been doing it for years, you might not have noticed — sitting on your 1-1.5 inch wallet creates a lopsided posture for your spine. This can cause major discomfort over time, even resulting in sciatica or back pain.

Easy To Pick


Another seemingly obvious reason is to keep your wallet safe from pickpockets. Back pockets are extremely easy to access — not just to you, but others too. If you switch to a front pocket, you never have to worry about guarding you money.

Looks Unappealing

This is for those of you who claim that front pocket-ing is not in style: that lopsided bulge on your rear end is not exactly a treat to look at either. Just because we’ve come to find it normal over the years doesn’t mean there’s not something seriously wrong with it. But what do you do, if the front’s no good and the back clearly doesn’t work either?

That brings us to our next question

What Should I Do?

The first step, obviously, is to get your wallet out of your back pocket, and into your shirt pocket or front trouser pocket. We can see why you may have issues doing this, so here are a couple more pointers:

Change Your Wallet Style

Your problem might be beyond just where you put your wallet. Consider changing the style of your wallet altogether. A money clip may be a wise choice, as it’d slip into any pocket discreetly. You could also opt for a sleeker design that doesn’t allow your notes to bunch up. Check out this article for more ideas on how to choose your wallet type

Declutter Your Wallet

If you have an overloaded wallet, it’s going to look and feel awful no matter where it goes. If you tend to hoard coupons, unnecessary cards and old receipts, you need some serious wallet discipline. Not only does this make it like a stuffed potato, it could also do some irreparable damage to your prized leather possession. Empty out your wallet and re-assemble it with only your most used cards and a few bills. Trust us, your pocket will thank you.

Maintaining your wallet is serious business, especially when you own a gorgeous Italian leather wallet. If you don’t, it’s time to check out our range of high quality vegetable dyed leather wallets. You won’t be sorry!

What’s the one fashion accessory that you absolutely cannot leave the house without? No, this isn’t some fashion lesson where the answer is a fancy hat or a scarf. It is the man’s close personal friend, the humble wallet. In fact, a wallet is so essential that you may not even have considered it an item of fashion. But consider this : what is fashion, if not expressing your personal style through the simple things in life? Your wallet is an accessory you’ve gotta flaunt every single day, so you may as well pick the best of the best.

It’s not enough for it to look good, either. A wallet has to serve its functions and last you decades if not years— while, of course, looking sleek and classic. If the wallets you buy regularly start to bulge and wear out, you need to reevaluate your choices. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Look For Quality

When you’re shopping for a wallet, the first thing to consider is quality.


We’ve already told you why it’s important to look for full grain leather, preferably Italian vegetable dyed leather. Don't fall for the tricky term "genuine leather": this actually refers to a much lower grade, and is mixed with synthetic elements. "Genuine leather" is not the same as real leather and won't last you half as long!

You also want to look for turned edges— this is where the edges of the wallet are thinned and stitched over, showing fine craftsmanship. You won’t find these features in a cheap mass-produced wallet. So find a good brand of handcrafted wallets and stick to them!

Step 2: Make A Worthwhile Investment


How terrible does that look? Now that's a wallet situation best avoided. If you’re still apprehensive about spending a little extra on a good quality wallet, here’s some quick math:

A cheap $10 department store wallet is an easy buy, but won’t last you more than a year or two at the most.

A full grain Italian leather wallet costs you only about 5x that amount, but can last you 15x longer if you take good care of it.

That means, in your average lifetime as an adult, you’d spend about
60 x $10 = $600 on cheap wallets, but only
4 x $50 =$200 on great looking wallets.
That’s two thirds of your hard earned money saved while investing in a high quality product. Score!

Step 3: Find Your Function

Not all wallets are built the same. Depending on the day and need, you might need wallets of different sizes and slots. A standard wallet type would be the bifold, which fits neatly in your front or back pocket and has space to carry enough cash, some credit and business cards. If you want to go for something more minimal, pick a money clip or cardholder— a small strip of leather that holds your cash and cards on either side. It’s super slim and fits neatly into any pocket.

So what are you waiting for? Start your wallet revolution today, by picking one of our high quality Italian leather wallets. They're available in 3 different designs to suit your need. Choose well and keep your pockets happy.


Leather products, be it belts, wallets, shoes or bags, will always remain classic. Not just for their refined appeal, but also for their versatility and longevity. But leather comes in a variety of colors and textures, and we understand that it’s tough for the untrained eye to tell the difference.

That’s why we’re stepping in with some basic lessons on how to choose great quality leather, every single time.

The first (and best) piece of advice we can give you is to go for Italian leather, every chance you get.

What Makes Italian Leather The Best?

Italian leather is synonymous with luxury and style. What gives leather from Italy this stamp of excellence? Well, there are two prerequisites for leather to be considered truly Italian:

#1: Full Grain = Fully Qualified

Leather ‘grain’ refers to the layer of hide that it is made from. There are 4 basic grains, in decreasing order of quality: Full grain>Top grain>Corrected Leather>Split Leather.

Why choose full grain leather, you ask?

It’s simple. Full grain leather is the top most layer of hide, and is undoubtedly the most durable. This layer is left untreated, to show off the natural markings of the skin in all its glory. Each product made from full-grain leather is unique and full of character, as no two hides can carry the same environmental marks. Full grain ages beautifully, developing a patina over time, rather than wearing out.
Top grain leather, on the other hand, is sanded and buffed to create an even surface. The top coat gives the leather a plasticy feel, and although it is less expensive, it lacks character.

Watch out for corrected or split leather : they are usually mixed with synthetic materials to create the final product. If you’re looking for great style and durability, you’ve gotta steer clear of these.

#2:  Au Naturel: Vegetable Tanning

Tanning is the most crucial part of the leather process, where the hide is transformed into actual leather. Now, you can either do this by applying harmful chemicals like chromium or formaldehyde, or go the natural route with vegetable dyes.

Here are just some of the advantages of vegetable tanned leather:


  • Natural, organic look and feel
  • Ecologically sustainable
  • A safer, chemical-free alternative
  • Develops unique character with age
Do you see a pattern here? Leather products that are made of full grain, vegetable tanned leather both age gracefully, developing a unique patina. The result is a handcrafted product that is, in every sense of the word, timeless. Here at Baurdi, we pride ourselves on using only Italian full grain vegetable tanned leather to make our products. Take a look and take your pick.

Don’t you just love how easy it is to be well-dressed man? No makeup, no expensive jewelry and hours saved on getting ready. But if you think that all it takes is decent clothes and a charming smile to get her attention, think again.

 It’s time to acknowledge that attention to detail definitely pays off. All you need to do is put in a teeny tiny bit more effort to look your sharpest. Let’s take a look at four absolute must-own fashion add-ons to every man’s closet.

1. A Set of Suave Shoes


Footwear can make or break your entire outfit, so choose well. It’s not uncommon to get special attention for your shoes—so it better be the good kind! Own at least 3 pair of shoes: brown or black oxfords for formal dinners or office wear; a pair of Italian brogues to show off your slick side; leather boots for a rugged, casual getup. This way, you can match most of your regular outfits and shoes will never look out of place. While styling your shoes, be sure to pick the right colors!

 2. A Classy Wallet


This essential accessory reflects greatly on the man carrying it. Picture this: you’ve taken a beautiful woman on the perfect date: candle-light, wine, the works. When the bill arrives, you whip out your battered old wallet that’s bursting at the seams with old bills. That’s strike one, two and three right there!

It’s easy to avoid this. Choose a premium quality leather wallet that’s functional yet stylish. The trick is to choose one made of full-grain Italian leather, rather than off-the-rack “genuine leather”. 

3. The All-Man Bag


Yes, you read that right. It’s about time for you to take a practical leaf from the women’s fashion book. Think about how convenient it would be to carry a few necessities with you, wherever you go. Don’t lug around your boring old office briefcase. Instead, a classic messenger bag or a stylish leather satchel is perfect to fit your iPad, a book and some personal essentials. Chocolate brown, tan or beige would safe color choices. Go for a navy blue or grey to mix things up a bit.

4. Shades That Scream ‘You’


What better way to finish up a look in style? Without this key element, your look is missing personality. Shades are a great way to show off who you really are. Gold-rimmed RayBans say classic, while tortoiseshell clubmasters say current. Choose a style that suits your face shape, while it brings out your fun side. If you wear powered eyeglasses, apply the same rules there. There’s no reason to stick to boring old frames!

 See, that wasn’t too bad, was it? Just a few more things to consider, and you’re on your way to the cover of GQ. To get started, choose from our range of stylish Italian leather wallets; the rest will fall into place. Keep it stylish!