You Can Tell A Lot About A Man From His Wallet

A man’s wallet is a very private and personal object. Some view them as nothing more than a means of carrying cash, but they also protect our closest secrets and hold photos of the people we love most. How they look even makes a statement about what kind of person we are.

While they spend most of their time hidden from the prying eyes of other people, wallets occasionally have a chance to dazzle onlookers whenever a man pays for a bill. During this brief time in the limelight, a good wallet conveys class and masculinity. A bad wallet shows immaturity and a lack of worldly experience. You may be tempted to think this is just an exaggeration, but pay attention to the people around you, and you will see how accurate these claims actually are.


I wasn’t always so interested in wallets. This all started many years ago after a fruitless shopping trip for a new companion. I must have looked at hundreds of wallets, but they all left something to be desired. I wanted something classic. I wanted something durable. I wanted something that would tell other people what kind of man I am.

Instead, I found cheap leather that seemed more like plastic than genuine cowhide.

I’m not a man who settles, and if you’re here, something tells me that neither are you. I decided that if I couldn’t find the wallet I wanted, I’d  have to make it. I knew it had to have exceptional leather. I wanted it to be sleek, yet have a ruggedness that made a man proud to carry it. I also wanted something that would be equally at home on a mountaintop as in a swanky restaurant in New York City.

Baurdi represents the culmination of all of these goals. I hope you’ll find these wallets as desirable as I do. I’m proud to carry my wallet, and you should be too. Every man has a story, and our wallets will help you tell yours.

Founder of Baurdi

Don’t just take my word for it…

“I’ve been looking for the right wallet for years. I travel to major cities for business and need something elegant to impress my clients. I’ve found some that look nice, but none that are as well made as this one. Its definitely the best wallet I have ever owned. Awesome box by the way!”
-Lawrence, 42, New York City

“You can actually smell the quality of this leather. I’ve grown so used to cheap store-bought leather that I forgot what it's supposed to smell like.”
-Dom, 55, San Antonio

“I don’t normally write reviews, but I got this as a gift and couldn’t be happier. My wife has been telling me I needed a new wallet for months but I never got around to getting one. I have the Admiral now and can’t recommend it enough.”
-Terry, 39, Billings