4 Fashion Accessories She’ll Notice On You Instantly

4 Fashion Accessories She’ll Notice On You Instantly

January 27, 2016

Don’t you just love how easy it is to be well-dressed man? No makeup, no expensive jewelry and hours saved on getting ready. But if you think that all it takes is decent clothes and a charming smile to get her attention, think again.

 It’s time to acknowledge that attention to detail definitely pays off. All you need to do is put in a teeny tiny bit more effort to look your sharpest. Let’s take a look at four absolute must-own fashion add-ons to every man’s closet.

1. A Set of Suave Shoes


Footwear can make or break your entire outfit, so choose well. It’s not uncommon to get special attention for your shoes—so it better be the good kind! Own at least 3 pair of shoes: brown or black oxfords for formal dinners or office wear; a pair of Italian brogues to show off your slick side; leather boots for a rugged, casual getup. This way, you can match most of your regular outfits and shoes will never look out of place. While styling your shoes, be sure to pick the right colors!

 2. A Classy Wallet


This essential accessory reflects greatly on the man carrying it. Picture this: you’ve taken a beautiful woman on the perfect date: candle-light, wine, the works. When the bill arrives, you whip out your battered old wallet that’s bursting at the seams with old bills. That’s strike one, two and three right there!

It’s easy to avoid this. Choose a premium quality leather wallet that’s functional yet stylish. The trick is to choose one made of full-grain Italian leather, rather than off-the-rack “genuine leather”. 

3. The All-Man Bag


Yes, you read that right. It’s about time for you to take a practical leaf from the women’s fashion book. Think about how convenient it would be to carry a few necessities with you, wherever you go. Don’t lug around your boring old office briefcase. Instead, a classic messenger bag or a stylish leather satchel is perfect to fit your iPad, a book and some personal essentials. Chocolate brown, tan or beige would safe color choices. Go for a navy blue or grey to mix things up a bit.

4. Shades That Scream ‘You’


What better way to finish up a look in style? Without this key element, your look is missing personality. Shades are a great way to show off who you really are. Gold-rimmed RayBans say classic, while tortoiseshell clubmasters say current. Choose a style that suits your face shape, while it brings out your fun side. If you wear powered eyeglasses, apply the same rules there. There’s no reason to stick to boring old frames!

 See, that wasn’t too bad, was it? Just a few more things to consider, and you’re on your way to the cover of GQ. To get started, choose from our range of stylish Italian leather wallets; the rest will fall into place. Keep it stylish!

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