4 Looks To Steal From The 2016 Oscars

2016 has been a great year for men at the Oscars. No, we’re not just talking about Leo (though we must admit, we’re stoked!) but for men’s fashion in general. The red carpet saw a great range of styles, from ultra-conventional, to old-school, to somewhat bizarre (we’re looking at you, Leto). What does that mean for you? Time to start taking some notes; a fashion lesson is coming your way. Here are our 4+ favourite looks that you can borrow for your next big event.

#1: Sam Smith : Vintage Done Right


Source: WireImage / George Pimentel

Sam Smith’s look for the evening was sharp as knife. The winner of  the “Best Original Song” award kept it classic with a black Dunhill tuxedo and a black bow-tie. This is a great look to steal for a wedding or a gala, and here’s how you can make it your own: Notice Smith’s tapered skinny leg that makes all the difference to the look. Add to that a pair of lustrous dress shoes and you’ve got an ample dosage of glam. The little peek of pocket watch chain gives him a real edge, but you can skip this if it’s a little out there for you. To relax the look for your not-so-red-carpet event, you could even wear the shirt open-collared, and lose the vest. Just remember to keep the essence — a tailored jacket, skinny legs, shoes with sheen. And don’t forget that white pocket square!

#2 : Mark Ruffalo : Something New, Something Blue

Source: Getty / Ethan Miller

Who says “black tie” is boring for men? Check out how our favourite, Mark Ruffalo has played with (just the right amount of) color. This Valentino tux uses a quirky yet classic contrast of navy-on-black, that works wonders for Ruffalo’s sunny personality. The trick to stepping outside the box — but not too far from it — is to choose colors that are rich, but not outlandish, and pair them with the right neutral tone. So instead of going all out with a royal blue 3 piece, start slow with a navy jacket over can’t-go-wrong black pants. Look for detailing like the contrast lapel and button on this stunning jacket, and finish the look with polished black oxfords.

#3: Eddie Redmayne : The Smooth Criminal

Source: Getty / Ethan Miller

Eddie Redmayne OWNS this velvet jacket as he plays with texture on the red carpet this year. He proves his mastery with those velvet loafers — man, would we have hated them otherwise, but look how they bring the outfit together! Now, we’re not about to suggest you run around in head-to-toe velvet, but Redmayne does have us curious and inspired. Maybe we’d take away the effortless juxtaposition of textures — notice the satin lapels on his smooth velvet jacket. This is something you can expect to spark a trend this year, so let’s keep an eye out for tone-on-tone jackets, shall we?

#4: Tom Hardy : Playin’ It Cool

Source: Getty/ Jason Merritt

Sometimes, it’s not what you wear, but how you wear it — especially if you’re a guy! For this, we turn to none other than the Mad Max: Fury Road star, Tom Hardy. He sports an effortlessly cool look with black aviator sunglasses, a black Gucci tux and some dapper accessories. Pocket watches are clearly back in style, so we suggest you add one to your closet. But the ultimate takeaway from Hardy’s ensemble is the confidence and style with which he pulls it off. So whatever your clothing choices, make sure you wear them cool!

++ Bonus : Jacob Tremblay

How could we leave out this stylish li’l fella? The nine year old Room star stole our hearts with his hands-in-pockets suaveness and slick parted hairstyle. What we love is that he couldn’t wait to show off his Star Wars socks — the winning touch. There’s a lot you can pick up from Tremblay’s look, starting with the playful approach to his styling. A pair of quirky socks with your glossy oxfords couldn’t hurt!

One thing that’s common amongst all the candidates for best dressed at the Oscars is impeccable attention to detail. So whatever look you’re going for, make sure you follow through with good tailoring, well-groomed hair, and accessories that match — down to your wallet, of course. We’d suggest you opt for one of our classy leather wallets to complement your Oscar-inspired look.